Miracle Blade III

Miracle blade knife sets

Chef Tony, miracle blade spokesman, began his career as a successful pitchman in 1971 as a professional demonstrator. Born Anthony Notaro, Chef Tony, miracle blade spokesman has become a recognized name in marketing and product demonstration. Before Chef Tony was the miracle blade spokesman, he pioneered one of the very first infomercials-both as a writer and as a product spokesman. Chef Tony, miracle blade spokesman is known for his showmanship as well as his product pitches. One of his common advertising techniques for promoting the miracle blade line of kitchen knives is to demonstrate their sharpness by halving a pineapple in midair. Chef Tony, miracle blade spokesman, has won many prestigious awards for his work as a television product demonstrator and an information guru. His many awards include nominations for Best Infomercial, one of the best top ten male product presenters in the world, and an award for TV Host of the Year. While Chef Tony is most well known for his work as a miracle blade spokesman, he has also endorsed many other types of kitchen appliances and devices. Chef Tonyís miracle blade organization also includes extras such as cutting boards and specific types of specialty knives such as a fillet and boning knife and a paring knife.

A paring knife is a specific type of small knife that is used for peeling or other types of delicate cutting work, such as small garnish work or removing tiny seeds from a fruit or vegetable. A paring knife can be used as an all purpose knife, albeit a small one. The typical blade length of a paring knife is no longer than four inches and no smaller than two inches. A paring knife typically has a pointed blade and is very sharp. The miracle blade iii perfection series offers a stainless steel paring knife included in the full set of kitchen knives. Paring knives can be used with any type of cutting board.

Cutting boards are a common utility found in any type of personal or professional kitchen. Most cutting boards are made from wood, plastic, or glass, but can be made from other types of materials. Cutting boards, or chopping blocks, are essentially just a flat surface on which to cut or slice food products. Different materials for cutting boards have different advantages and disadvantages. Wooden cutting boards are generally thought to be the most effective and efficient type of material because they are easy to clean and sanitize, donít damage the blades of your kitchen knives, and are aesthetically pleasing as an addition to your kitchen. Plastic cutting boards are often thought to be more sanitary than wooden cutting boards, but can be more easily damaged and cracked, leaving deep grooves for bacteria to thrive in. Plastic cutting boards are generally inexpensive but can be easily damaged. Glass cutting boards are more durable and can be sterilized quite easily, but also have the disadvantage of dulling the cutting blade of your kitchen knives against the surface of the cutting board.

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